Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday at The Office

The winter holiday is the best time of the year. Everyone is out and about shopping, decorating, having parties, traveling and enjoying each other. All the while life goes on and we must go to work which can be distracting. We know how easy it is to lose yourself in the holidays and forget about work, good thing that we can help. We have 5 tips to help keep the holidays and work from mixing. 

Request time off. Don't forget to tell the boss the dates of your vacation aside from the days the offices is closed, take some extra time for you. Work will feel like a breeze knowing that soon it’s time to relax. 

Don't mix holiday with work. While at work avoid cramming in Christmas shopping or personal holiday tasks. There is no way to get a deal online and finish that report without a mistake. 

Try not to over stretch yourself. During this season there are company holiday parties, charities, school events and so much more. There is only so many things one can do, pick what the things you know you can do without a doubt and stick to that. 

Keep your daily routine going. Staying on your normal routine is important to maintain a well-balanced life. If there is stress outside of work, it’s going to come along with you to work. Sleep well, eat like always, and exercise as often. 

Leave work at work. At work you may not be the only one who is distracted. Because of this some are going to have to work harder because of it and that can be stressful. As hard as it may be to leave work at work it is important to do so because then you will be think about it for days to come. There is no bigger distraction then work frustration. 

Focus on work while at work. The best way to focus on work during the holidays is to remember to stay in the present. When veering off think about the fact that today is not the holiday so it should be work like any other time of the year. 

We know how distracting the holiday season can be and we hope that our tips can help you stay on track, while keeping merry throughout the season. 

Happy Holidays to all of our followers and we hope to see you in the New Year!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to Use Pops of Color Like Google

In the past we have talked about the color scheme of an office and how it helps improve productivity. How to pick the scheme that fits just right is the big question. Google headquarters is one of the most loved office environments around and it’s no wonder why, the famous vivid colors are everywhere. But it is not as simple as just throwing some colors on the idea board, there has to be a vision and a purpose. A fellow blogger Mydomadesign has touched on this subject of how to get the pop that Google does but tailored for your office needs. We enjoyed the pictured examples of what the no no’s are. Down below are some examples of the perfect item’s that achieve the Google affect straight from our website  We hope all our followers enjoy this month’s blog and leave comments about your office tricks for color or ideas for next month's blog.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Perfect Home Office

A well designed home office could make all the difference in the productivity of a work day. Working from home could be distracting but if it’s just the right amount of work and comfort it could be a busybody’s favorite place to spend time. We have just the right steps to help accomplish this away from home work concept. Once you have the perfect spot in your home picked out for your new office give us a call with the the dimension of your space and we can help create the perfect home office. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Office Ergonomics for your Chair and Desk

If you work in a office for long hours you must know how uncomfortable it could be after awhile. Applying ergonomics to the office place could be the way to help that situation. Check out this tip filled article on ways to make your work place functional and comfortable with office ergonomics.  

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

Pay more or Pay Less? Who would our Founding Fathers buy their paper from?

 Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Boost your office energy

Office Furniture is one of the most overlooked aspects in any workplace.  The look, accessibility and comfort of office furniture can have a big impact on the employees and improve the moral and creative environment in the office. Investing in a professional office furniture supplier can help this unnoticed problem with cost effective furniture. When creating a great office space take into consideration some of these ideas.

Believe it or not color can change the moral of your employees. You can get most desks, chairs and workstations in many options. Think about those employees that have to sit for long hours or the ones who have back problems they may need comfortable chairs. Ergonomic chairs are a great way to bring some comfort to your employees as they work. When thinking about offices schemes and furniture try to bring bright and happy colors into to your office, helping boost the mood in your office.
Remember the same importance emphasized on the furniture should be replicated for the supplies the employees use on a daily such as Delivery carts, filing cabinets, storage cabinet, Keyboards and any other office equipment.. Safety and usability must be considered when purchasing these objects. When having a great Office furniture supplier they will be able to provide you with all these things and help you achieve the look your employees and your office deserves. The energy in your office will be dramatically different and relaxed once trusting in a professional office furniture supplier.  

Friday, May 3, 2013

How To Choose Your Office Furniture and Save Extra Bucks.

Interior design is important for both residential and commercial spaces. For homes it often describes the taste of the owner while for offices, it affects entirely the how your customers will judge your company. It’s as if your interior design is an extension of the quality of your work, a reflection. This is why people spend too much just to make their office appealing and according to its purpose.

There are different reasons why companies spend too much time and money designing but there are three common reasons [or goals] that most of us consider:

-          Influence the staff and customers.

-          Increase the work efficiency or appeal to the customers.

-          Promote or represent the brand or service.

Who wants clutter in their workstation? Of course, we want organized and comfortable work space. As for customers, they always look at the interiors of your office as the first impression or a cover of a book as a basis of what kind and quality of service you can offer.

Are you opening a new office in Miami? Do you have plans to update your office furniture? Or are you expanding your office space? Interior design is important and if you want to succeed in designing your own office space, there are different services which you can find to make your life easier. But first, plan or visualize how you want your office space to look like – according to its purpose and aesthetics. Of course, if you are opening a business in Miami, you need to take extra attention when choosing an office furniture.

You don’t have to shed a lot of money just to get your desired look. For small, medium or home office the wisest thing to do is to look for discounted furniture but with high-quality and modern design that can serve both the purpose and design standards.

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