Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to Use Pops of Color Like Google

In the past we have talked about the color scheme of an office and how it helps improve productivity. How to pick the scheme that fits just right is the big question. Google headquarters is one of the most loved office environments around and it’s no wonder why, the famous vivid colors are everywhere. But it is not as simple as just throwing some colors on the idea board, there has to be a vision and a purpose. A fellow blogger Mydomadesign has touched on this subject of how to get the pop that Google does but tailored for your office needs. We enjoyed the pictured examples of what the no no’s are. Down below are some examples of the perfect item’s that achieve the Google affect straight from our website  We hope all our followers enjoy this month’s blog and leave comments about your office tricks for color or ideas for next month's blog.

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